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Keep Law in Fort Collins is committed to safeguarding the 2nd amendment rights of gun owners throughout Northern Colorado. Understanding how to protect, exercise and restore your gun rights legally has become an area of concern for many people with the passage of new gun restrictions. The increased focus on gun control also makes it more difficult for a person whose rights have been forfeited to get them restored. However, it’s not impossible, and one of the focuses of my firm is educating clients about their gun rights and helping them exercise them fully.

Knowledgeable legal advocacy for clients who can no longer possess a firearm

Both Colorado and federal law require that a person submit to and pass a background check before acquiring, owning, transferring or possessing a firearm. You may be prohibited from exercising your constitutional right to own a firearm if there is anything questionable on your record.

In Colorado, the law prohibits anyone from possessing a firearm who has been:

  • Convicted of a felony
  • Convicted of attempting to commit a felony
  • Convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence charge
  • Adjudicated as a juvenile for a felony charge

When you work with my law firm, I will make sure you fully understand your rights and legal options with respect to firearms purchases and possession now and in the future.

Dedicated attorney helps individuals resolve firearms rights issues

As a Colorado native who grew up along the Front Range, I am a firm believer in the right to carry as a fundamental American liberty. If you’ve been convicted of a crime, you might have lost this right. Even without a conviction, some clients face difficulty exercising their legal rights.

In Colorado, you may be able to have your gun rights restored by getting a Colorado Governor’s Pardon. These are tough to secure but will restore many of the rights you lost when you were convicted. My office can explain the requirements for this award and help facilitate the application process on your behalf.

I also use my years of experience to help clients facing a number of issues related to firearms rights, including:

  • Providing counsel on your rights under Colorado law and the Second Amendment, including your concealed carry rights
  • Engaging in appeals of weapons and concealed carry permit denials

My firm charges affordable flat-rate fees for its services and delivers personalized service to every client with innovative strategies that can advance your right to own a firearm.

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Keep Law represents clients throughout Northern Colorado in cases related to firearms rights restoration, expungements and issues related to exercising lawful firearms rights. Call my Fort Collins office today at 970-632-7100 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation.